Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I finance my lot as well as my house?
A. Yes. Take both the lot contract and your house contract to your lender to get approved for a loan that covers the combined costs.

Q. Will you check my lot before I close on the loan?
A. Yes. Make sure that your lot contract contains a clause stating that the contract will move forward “pending your builder’s check of the lot”, and also “Pending financing”. This way, if for some reason the loan is not approved, you are protected.

Q. If I buy my lot first or already own a lot outright, will the lender use it towards a down payment?
A. Yes. Most lenders will take the value of the lot or recent purchase price and apply it towards the required down payment. They will also count your deposit to Hansen Homes at the time of contract as part of your down payment.

Q. Can I make changes to the floor plans you have?
A. Yes, you can make minor changes, so we can get you as close as possible to your dream home without the big ticket custom prices.

Q. Can I make changes after the permit has been applied for or during construction?
A. No. It is really time consuming and costly to make changes at this point and if there is a Lender involved, they will not allow it.

Q. Can I do any of my own work?
A. No. Regretfully, due to insurance and licensing requirements, no unlicensed, uninsured parties can be at the house under construction while there is an open permit.

Q. Is there anything the house does not come with?
A. Our houses come with everything you need to be move in ready. The only things we do not provide are mailbox and window treatments/blinds.

Q. Can we pick our own colors and selections?
A. Yes you will be able to choose your paint colors, roof color, tile selections and cabinet colors/selections.