Getting Started - Process

Step One

Contact Hanson Homes of South Florida

Check out our Digital Brochure. This brochure includes the floor plans, spec. sheets, pricing, and even Lender recommendations.

Determine which plan suits you and your budget. Getting “pre-qualified” with a lender, if applicable, can help you in figuring out what that budget should be. ** See more about financing in our digital brochure.

Make a list of all the upgrades and the “minor” changes you may want to make to get a formal quote, which can be tuned to suit your budget prior to contract. This quote will become the “exhibit A” to your contract.

Step Two

You will need a lot. If you already own a lot, please send us the address. Our office will be happy to do a free lot evaluation and site check, normally within 24 hours. This lot evaluation will include a thorough online check of the lot in question for such things as Eagle Zones, Flood zones, whether or not it benefits from Public Utilities, the actual size of the lot, and much more. The site check involves an actual visit to determine the power pole location, whether or not it needs clearing, fill, has endangered species, amongst a host of other items. This step is crucial as the lot improvements can significantly impact your total project price and/or build time. We feel, very strongly, that our buyers know all possible costs up front so when the project proceeds, no additional surprises are un-covered.

If you do not already have a lot, any realtor can assist you with this purchase or we can recommend one to you. Again, prior to the purchase, we would like the opportunity to thoroughly check the lot for you.

Step Three

Contract and Deposit. The next step is to go into a contract. There is a $2,500 deposit required if you are looking to obtain financing for the project. (The balance of the 10% will be obtained from your lender at time of closing). There is a 10% deposit for cash buyers. Those seeking financing are asked to take their contract to their Lender, along with a copy of their deposit check, to get the ball rolling. We can also forward this documentation directly to your Lender for you, with your permission, of course.

Step Four


If there is no financing by a third party, the buyer(s) will be asked to set up an account at Cape Coral Title for the full amount of the project. The account is set up in the buyer(s)’ name(s) only and said buyer(s) will have full control of the funds at all times. There is a $100 set up fee with the Title Company. Payments will be made from that account by you according to a preset payment schedule. Final payment will be made upon confirmation by the buyer that all has been completed and all proper documentation from Hansen to the buyer(s) is in place.

If there is need for a Lender, please check the Lenders on our preferred Lender List in our sales packet. Just as you need to be approved to obtain a loan, so must we be approved as a builder by any Lender that is involved. This list represents some of the Lenders that we are already approved with and that have shown to be experienced and efficient in obtaining loans for our buyers. The type of loan is called a “Construction to Perm” loan. This loan has only one closing that takes place just prior to the commencement of construction. Using a Lender from our list, will expedite your loan approval process and make the whole process a little smoother.


Unfortunately, we are unable to give a building time frame, due to many different circumstances outside of our control at this very busy time in the new home/construction market here in SWFL. During this construction boom, many stages of the process are taking longer than usual due to influx of people moving to our area to enjoy our year round vacation atmosphere and great weather.

Once your permit is picked up, you can expect construction to take between four and six months, depending on the size of your home and the weather. In the rainy season the start of construction is often delayed a week or two, as it can be near the end when the land is graded and sodded, as it can be affected by heavy rains.


When nearing the end of construction, we will schedule a final walk through with you to make sure all final punch items have been completed. During this time, our office works very closely with your Lender, if applicable, and you to provide documentation and information needed to obtain final payment and modify your loan to a permanent loan. Then keys to your beautiful new home are passed to you.